Ed Weng

Hi! I'm Ed. Right now, I'm a product manager at Google, working on our mobile ads platform AdMob.

Before Google, I was a Product Manager at Earnest. While I was there, I teamed up with a bunch of brilliant engineers and data scientists to automate our loan underwriting process. I am passionate about building great products and I'm especially interested in FinTech. If you're creating the next big thing, let me know!

Once upon a time I was a Ruby on Rails developer at LivingSocial where I built an online food ordering platform and refreshed the mobile web app. I still love writing elegant code and hope to continue programming for the rest of my life. In the summer of 2016, I participated in the Recurse Center, where I spent most of my time trying to train a machine learning algorithm to find alpha on the LendingClub platform.

I enjoy meeting new people! If you find yourself in the San Francisco area and want to meet up or you just want to chat virtually, send me an email!